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Histoires anglaises

20 Mars 2009 , Rédigé par les chroniques d'Edouard Vaillant Publié dans #Le college

 Textes écrits en classe, en anglais, par les 3e 2


 Charlène :

My name is Charlène.

I’m 15 years old.

One day, in 1879 I was walking on the North shore of the Loch Ness.

I was with my friends.

We were in a park, next to the lake, when suddenly, we heard a very strange sound.

The monster appeared in front of us.

We were so surprised and afraid too.

It had a small head on its long neck turning from side to side.

It was grey.

It looked very mean, so it attacked us but we ran faster and the monster disappeared into the water.

 Sarah and  Anis

My name is Hugh Cray.

I’m 35 years old.

I’m a policeman.

It was on the 12 th of November.

I was alone at night on the shores of Mouth river layers.

I was walking along the river to supervise when I saw a large body ( 60 to 90 centimeters above the water which was causing great disturbance on the surface of the water.

I was excited because I thought it was just a legend but “ Chuckey”, the monster of Mouth river layers really existed !!!!

Nothing clear could be seen, but I could distinguish its long tail, small neck.

It had a big head with an enormous horn. It was very strange because it didn’t have any legs….

I estimated it to be 12 meters long.

I was afraid because I didn’t know if it was dangerous.

I took my camera and I took 5 photos and four videos but the monster submerged….


Hello, My name is Hugh Grey.

I have long brown hair, blue eyes.

I’m tall and a little skinny.

I’m a hard rock music singer and I can play the guitar .

I was twenty years old when I saw the Loch Ness monster.

I was walking along Mouth River Foyer on the 12 th of November 1933, when I saw a large body ( 60 to 90 centimeters) above the surface of the water, causing great disturbance.

I couldn’t clearly see it, but I estimated it to be 12 meters long.

I took 5 pictures but 4 didn’t work.

I was surprised when I saw the monster.

I phoned the police and I screamed but nobody believed me .

Later, other people saw the monster too .

So, I wasn’t dreaming on that strange night….


When I was 15 something strange happened to me .

It was in 1879, I was with my friends.

The five of us were on the north shore of the Loch Ness, next to a forest.

We went there to have a barbecue.

It was at night and we were alone without our parents.

We were eating our dessert and we were telling horror stories, when suddenly, we heard a very strange noise.

The noise came from the forest.

We were afraid but my friend Paul was excited and he went into the forest to see what it was.

A few minutes later, he came back running and screaming .

He told us he had seen a strange creature.

The creature had a small head and a long neck .

Its head was turning from side to side and it was grey.

We were very scared. So, we tried to find an abandoned shelter to spend the night.

In the morning, the creature had disappeared…..

 Jihane / Cédric and  Samy

Hello, my name is Jon R .

I’m 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam .

I’m a student and in 1933 I went to Scotland with my class to see the Loch ness.

My class was cool, and I had lots of friends.

Our teachers were travelling with us too .

Miss Anny was our physics teacher : she was rather nice.

Mister Peter was there too : he was our mathematics teacher.

He was rather nice too but at the time I thought he was quite stupid and very ugly too.

We crossed England to go to Scotland.

In England we went to London, the capital city of England. It was very beautiful.

We went to Scotland by bus.

At night, we slept in motels because the bus was uncomfortable.

When we arrived in Scotland, we were happy and excited.

Before going to the Loch Ness, we went to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

It was very cold, colder than in Cardiff.

It was dark too . We slept in a motel next to the Loch Ness.

When we were in the motel, the moon was very white. We could see its reflect on the water of the Loch Ness.

When I went to bed, I heard a strange noise. I was scared to death but to my astonishment my friends didn’t hear these cries . The following day, me and my class went to see the Loch Ness.

The sky was grey, we were walking along the shores when suddenly we saw a strange creature.

It was very strange and we were very scared about that.

The creature had a small head. It swam in the lake and it turned its long neck from side to side . It was grey and very big. My class and me ran away and we went back to the motel.

I realised the noise I had heard the previous night came from that creature …..

 Coralie and Cristine

My name is Allec Muir.

I’m 24 years old .

I’m a scientist.

One day, in 1930 in Inverfarigaig , in Scotland, I was next to a lake when I saw a monster which was going out of the water.

It was dark and cold and I could only hear the sound of the waves.

I was walking my dog when it suddenly barked.

I was afraid so I went into my car to go back to the motel, when suddenly, the monster crossed the road in front of my car with rain drops falling along its body.

It had a long neck, 4 humps a long tail and it was grey.

The creature crossed the road and went into bushes .

I was very scared and surprised.

It broke my door but my dog barked and the monster went back into the water.

I have never seen the Loch ness monster again …

 Julien and Jasmine

Hello , My name is Leina Ried.

I’m 20 years old. And I’m a reporter for the famous English newspaper : “ England news”

I would like to speak about a strange story that happened to me on December 1933.

I was doing a report on the loch Ness at night with a camera man on the shores of the Loch Ness in Inverfarigaig .

It was freezing cold, there was rain and there was nobody else in the park.

I heard a very strange noise. Suddenly, I saw a huge shadow.

I didn’t know what it was…

I walked near the shadow to find out what it was….

It was a very strange animal because it had a hairy body with a long neck.

It was the size of an hippopotamus.

It was resting on the shore.

Suddenly the monster jumped into the lake.

I looked at the camera man : he had recorded it all.

I was very surprised and excited too because I had seen the Loch ness monster .

We were going to be famous !!!

We went back to the newspaper office . I wanted to show the video to our director but we couldn’t see anything ….

The rain had spoiled the film ….

I’ll never forget this story !!!

 Mathilde and Hugo

Hello, my name is Eleanor Price Hugues.

I’m a dentist.

I remember, when it was a sunny day in 1933.

I was with my brother in my car.

I was driving my car along the Loch Ness Lake when suddenly I saw a monster emerging from bushes.

This monster had a long neck, a small head, two small humps and a big hump. This monster was grey.

But because I was driving too fast, I bumped into the monster and I pushed it into the water.

Then , the monster disappeared into the water.

The creature swam under the water

I was astonished , afraid and very surprised . My brother too .

I saw some blood in front of my car .

This blood was green !!!

But scientists didn’t find the blood because when I saw the monster it was raining.

Maybe it was an alien monster…. Who knows….

Hélène et  Cyrielle

Hello my name is William MacGruer.

I was born on the 5th of April 1858.

I was 58 years old when I saw a monster in Inchnacordock Bay in Scotland.

I’m English and I live in London in a famous cemetery because I was a very important painter.

I was on holidays in Scotland for the summer.

I was walking in the park next to the lake.

I was alone so I decided to paint this magnificent lake.

It was early in the morning, it was cold and there was nobody.

When a strange creature appeared. It was yellow and it had long legs.

It looked like a camel with a long neck.

When I saw this horrible creature, I was so exited!

It moved slowly and it swam rapidly on the Loch Ness.

I had time to take a picture and the monster disappeared.

I was afraid because I was alone but I decided to paint this creature.

I came back to my hotel with a strange feeling.

Many thanks to the ghost of William for this story.

Justine and Romain

My name is Alfred Cruickshank, when I saw the creature, I was twenty years old.

I was a student in supernatural.

I was on holidays, I stayed in a campsite with my friends.

On that night, we were going back home.

I was driving that night, but I stopped the car for one minute.

I was smoking, there were lots of stars in the sky.

It was a peaceful night and it was very dark.

I had been driving for ten minutes when I saw a shadow, and three minutes later, we had a car accident.

It was a monster. It was very tall, maybe it’s body was about three to 3,6 meters.

I was astonished and I was scared of this big creature…

When I approached, I saw a very long tail, maybe three meters, and the monster had a big hump and four elephant like legs.

I think it was green but I ‘m not sure.

I ran to get back into my car and the creature dived into the lake.

My friends didn’t believe me and I thought I had dreamt but it was just reality.


Julien et  Fanny

My name is George Spicer.

I’m twenty two years old.

I was born on April 1901 in Bordeaux in France.

I saw the Lock Ness monster for the first time on July, 1933.

It was between Dores and Foyers, it was at night, they were flashes of lightning.

I tried to take some photos but the creature was too fast for me.

I was surprised and afraid, I called my mother but she didn’t believe me.

She said, I was crazy.

The creature crossed the road 140 meters in front of my car.

It had a thick body with a long neck.

It was grey and it was 7,5 meters long.

It moved in a jerky movement then slided into the loch.

I shouted “Oh my God, it’s the Loch Ness monster”.

I was alone to see that.

I stayed in front of the lake for one hour after that, I went back home.

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.

I called some friends but it was too ate, they were sleeping.

I searched on the Internet if some people had already seen the Loch Ness monster and I found an association. On the Web site, I saw some texts about the Loch Ness monster and I knew that what I had seen was true. The Loch Ness monster existed.

 Isma and Andréa

My name is William MacGruer.

I’m 97 years old. I’m retired.

One day, in 1912 I was with my girlfriend and we were walking in the park.

It was during the summer holidays at night and we were alone. There wasn’t any noise when suddenly I saw something behind the trees, with a long neck.

First I thought it was just an hallucination but a few minutes later we heard a strange noise and I saw the long neck again.

My girlfriend was scared but I was very excited, so I went to see what it was and I saw a very strange creature.

It was tall and it had a long neck and long legs.

It looked like a camel and it had long legs too. It was yellow.

After that, I went to see where my girlfriend was but I couldn’t see her anymore.

I called her but she didn’t answer

I was worried

I went to see the creature again but it had disappeared too.

I was really worried. I was looking for my girlfriend but I didn’t find her and thirty minutes later I heard the scream of the strange animal but I didn’t know were it was.

I was looking for it and I found it. The creature was hurt at his leg.

I thought it was crying so I tried to treat it.

Then, I let the strange animal alone for a few minutes to try to find my girlfriend.

So, I went back home (my house was just next to the park) and I found her.

I was relieved and if she had left, it was because she was afraid and cold. I explained to her the situation and we went to see the creature.

My girlfriend called the country’s animal park and they explained to us that these creatures came from their park.

It was a very rare creature and maybe it was the last one.

Finally the creature was treated.

It was a happy end. I will never forget this experience.

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